What are haemorrhoids?

Haemorrhoids (piles) are dilations of blood endings in the anus . Many blood and nerve endings converge in the anus, which can dilate, filling with blood, producing the so-called hemorrhoidal bundles.

These haemorrhoidal packages usually have periods of calm down and flare up and appear for many reasons, such as hereditary, lifestyle habits, diet, stress, postpartum, etc .

Haemorrhoids do not usually hurt. They are characterized by bleeding crises, with periods of calm down afterwards. The calming period can be short and over time the problem may become more acute, accentually causing hemorrhoidal crisis.

More than half of the population suffers or has suffered at least a flare up at some point.

There are hemorrhoidal symptoms accompanied by pain, itching or the feeling of wanting to defecate but something impedes it, as they are not yet bleeding. Those symptoms can be linked to possibility that haemorrhoids may become thrombosed, producing a very intense pain .

How can haemorrhoids be treated?

The treatments applied in most medical centres are topical or surgical.

The topical treatment, such as creams and medication, are not a definitive solution, and only work during short period.

Surgical treatments are performed by conventional surgery, with laser, cryotherapy or ultrasound.

To qualify the patient’s haemorrhoids must be at very advanced stage. There is no total guarantee for success , the postoperative period may last months and there is always the possibility that complications may occur.

Other treatments, such as applying cold methods in order to eliminate them, it is very painful for the patient.

The application of any of the techniques does not guarantee that over time they will re-appear again, and the patient will need to go through another surgery or treatment.

IMADSPAIN solution

We offer an advanced technique within the innovative and advanced medicine based on Eastern and Western coloproctological schools, achieving excellent results and guaranteed efficacy, avoiding going through the operating theatre, that is, our treatments are fully ambulatory , so that patients do not require sick leave, they can carry out their daily life such as driving, walking, playing sports, working, etc .

Our main objective is to respect the body as much as possible avoiding aggressive practices and long convalescence and avoid irreversible complications.

The way to apply the treatment is by means is of localized infiltrations of medication, vitamins, and moisturizing agents mixed. This causes the reduction of the dilation of the hemorrhoidal bundles, making the mucosa rise, recovering to its original state.

It is possible that due to the advanced stage the mucosa it will not be able to recover. Then we may need to apply another medical practice, which progressively cuts the tissue, achieving recovery in a simple way. As the mucosa is a rough tissue in which there are no nerve endings, performing any of the treatments described above, it is possible without application of aesthetic since the patient does feel pain.

With these guidelines we work on an outpatient basis and not expose the patient to unnecessary risks . We achieve total success by progressively minimizing the problem, without complications and need for recovery without postoperative trauma, giving a full year cover and follow-up appointments.

We guarantee results and avoid going through the operating theatre


We make it EASY for the patient with a SIMPLE treatment to achieve a FAST IMPROVEMENT .

Comparison between different treatments


Topical Treatments

Surgical Treatments

IMADSPAIN solution

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* Many patients ask us about the duration or the efficacy and in no case or technique lifetime results can be guaranteed.
The difference is that undergoing several surgeries is not recommended but with our treatments the same does not apply, the body does not feel attacked and therefore it can be treated again.